In this tutorial you will learn how to customize your:

  • Logo + Site Identity

  • Accent Colors

  • Homepage Layout

  • Footer Information

Tutorial Video

Additional highlighted features

Update your own logo with site identity

Easily make the Fide design your own by uploading your logo. Simply click "Select Logo", choose your logo, and bam! Your logo is on your website and resized to fit the navigation bar.

Change your site's accent color

Use the color picker to easily customize your website's colors to match your logo.

Choose your homepage layout

Fide offers 5 different layout options for the homepage's featured blocks. At any time, depending upon your needs, you can change the layout. Update your graphics, items and layout from time to time to keep your homepage looking fresh.

Use basic text or a graphic images

The homepage's featured blocks offer micro-customizations. Each block can have any combination of background image, title, text, graphic, image overlay, and link. This gives you a lot of flexibility when editing your featured blocks.

Much more!

Watch the in depth tutorial at the top to learn how to customize your "Fide" Homepage.

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