1. How do I change the card that that is charged for the membership?

  • You can update your payment method by filling out this form

  • Be sure to update the form at least 3 days before your monthly payment is due.

2. What happens if I cancel?

  • You're free to cancel any time! When you do, your current plan will last until the end of your billing cycle, unless you choose to cancel immediately due to needing to shut down your site.

  • When you cancel your SolaSites membership you will be sent a link to download your website content and media library (images, pdf & mp3 files). This link will be available for 30 days, at the end of which your files will be entirely deleted.

3. How do I cancel my SolaSites membership?

  • To cancel (1) fill out this subscription cancelation form, then we will send a verification email to the primary email address associated with your account (the email you used to sign up with). Then (2) you'll need to respond to the verification email.

  • We have these two steps to verify that the account is being cancelled by the account owner. Once both steps are completed, we will cancel your account.

4. Do I get a discount if I pay annually?

  • Yes, you do! If you pay annually you get 1 month for free. Pay for 11 months, get 1 free.

  • To pay annually, contact support at [email protected] One of our SolaSupport members will assist you in changing to annual payments.

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