When your SolaSite was first launched, your site was setup with a SolaSites domain (e.g. yourchurchname.solasites.com). When you're ready to launch your domain, contact SolaSupport to let us know which domain you will be using and when you want to launch it. That way we can be ready for when you point your domain to our servers.

If you don't have access to your domain, then contact the person or company that does and send them this article's link.

Then follow the below instructions according to the domain provider you are using.

Set Up Your Nameservers

(1) Tell a SolaSupport Technician You're About to Point and Ask for Nameservers

Start a chat conversation and let us know that you'd like to point your domain to our servers. We'll do two things:

  1. We'll copy any existing records over so you don't lose them. These may be TXT records (for verifying your domain with other services like Google, MailChimp, etc.), MX records for email services, or any subdomain records.

  2. We'll provide you with our Nameserver details. You'll need these details for when you set up your Nameserver settings.

(2) Set to Your Nameserver Settings to "Custom Nameservers"

Most of our clients use NameCheap or GoDaddy, but most providers function the same way. Go to your Nameserver settings and choose Custom DNS. Feel free to reach out to your domain service support (Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.) if you need help with this.



(3) Add 2 Custom Nameserver Records

In the Custom Nameserver area you are going to add two nameserver records. In step one we would have provided you with these details. Below is an example, and these are not our nameservers.

Add the Nameserver details we provided you with, for example, if we provided you with the following two, set things up as displayed:

  • kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com

  • liz.ns.cloudflare.com



Note: If Namecheap is your domain registrar, be sure to click the green checkmark to save your changes. Other registrars may have a similar way to save your changes.

(4) Contact SolaSupport to Let Us Know You're Done (We take care of the final step)

Once you're done, let us know using the SolaSupport chat bubble and one of our technicians will update everything on our end! Propagation can take between 30 min and 8 hours for changes to be made live.

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